Live report : Dromedar at Blitz, Oslo

Art-rock activists take a stand in solidarity with local community space

When I’m looking for an interesting gig to go to on a cold Winter evening in Oslo, Blitz is often the first place I turn to. When I first came to Oslo in 2012, Blitz is the first place my friends took me to. Over the years it has become my go-to place to meet friends, see concerts and performances (the unforgettable Christmas Sideshow!), and enjoy an affordable vegan meal.

Blitz is a legally run, self-organized, volunteer-based community space. Last summer, a similar, legally-run community space in Oslo was evicted by the police, after the building was sold to developers, despite a standing agreement with the local authorities.
Dromedar were playing a live show as a release party for their new video, NOT OK!, which is a commentary on those events.

Psychedelic rapture


Dromedar are a mainly synth-based band, with the added bonus of a live drummer, whose syncopated, jazz-inspired style is a powerful driver. On vocals and keyboards (and sometimes, accordion), Annette Stav Johanssen is their unstoppable frontwoman, not flagging one for the more than 90 minutes of their show, alternating between angry punk, and full-throated, psych-inspired rock vocals.

When they played their new track NOT OK!, they projected the video next to the stage. I could not find it online yet today.

While some parts of the show were more noisy and and industrial, they soon had everyone dancing to hypnotic bass-lines and groovy, prog inspired keyboards. A saxophonist  prowled around on stage and through the crowd. Dancers from an Oslo-based school performed in multi-colored costumes, and were joined by a fire breather.

The crowd was still dancing when I left.

I didn’t know Dromedar before Friday, but I will be sure to go see them live any chance I get in the future.

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