review : Dead Sara – Pleasure to Meet You

West Coast hard-rockers prove everyone wrong with unexpected second album. I know what you want, but it’s not gonna be what you like!   The first time I listened to Pleasure To Meet You, it reminded me of the first time I listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It said “rock” on the label, but I quickly knew it was like … Continue reading

Fuzz album review: Ty Segall’s time machine is hard rock genius

Fuzz (2013) buy on Itunes / buy on Amazon Listen to on Spotify here Ty Segall knows what he likes Who would have thought 2014 would be such a great year for seventies rock ? Fuzz (a name that has been used before by several bands) is a power trio founded by Ty Segall, who has a reputation for making … Continue reading

Dead Sara album review: the most thrilling hard-rock album in years

Dead Sara – Dead Sara (self-titled)  Buy on Itunes here / Buy on Amazon here. Listen to album on Spotify here. “Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world” – Dave Grohl Dead Sara have rock encrypted so deep in their DNA that their music will make any rock fan do an instant double-take. Their self-titled album is … Continue reading

We Have Band – Premier Album : WHB

We Have Band est un trio electro-rock anglais qui allie à merveille rock, pop, dance et un côté new wave. Leur premier album WHB, est d’ailleurs produit par Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode). Il est sorti le 15 avril en France chez Naïve. Retrouvez ici une chronique de l’album et une interview du groupe que j’ai réalisées le mois dernier.


J’ai eu un coup de coeur pour ce groupe indie-pop/lo-fi en les voyant sur scène à l’International. Vous pouvez lire ICI une chronique de leur deux-titres : “It Doesn’t Take A Whole Week / High En High” sorti ce mois-ci chez Clapping music Vous pouvez les voir sur scène le 9 juin avec les excellents Lapin Machin pour la release … Continue reading